Healthcare Leadership and Management Skills

Healthcare Leadership and Management Skills  - part of the TGH-USF Physician Leadership program - introduces theories of leadership and motivation, exemplars of effective leadership, the different forms of leadership, and why leaders succeed or fail.

This course is part of the TGH-USF Physician Leadership program. Please click here to learn more about the program.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Building communications and soft skills critical to management, experiential exercises, role-playing, and self-reflection in leadership.
  • Building and managing teams, learning to make teams more effective.
  • Change management, the importance of vision, overcoming resistance during major change, and understanding the importance of measuring change.
  • Understanding Project Management and its role in healthcare.
  • Managing people, talent, and strategies for effective human resource management with a goal to ensuring effective recruitment and long-term retention of high performers.


Instructor Name

University of South Florida

Instructor's Organization

USF Muma College of Business - Center for Analytics and Creativity