USF-TGH Innoventures Enrich Program

About the Innoventures Enrich Program:

The Innoventures Enrich Program is designed to be the practice-centered bridge between innovative ideation and innovation implementation. The program capitalizes on the success of the Stanford School of Design and Steve Blank’s approach to customer discovery using the Business Model Canvas. This proven approach encourages small teams of practitioners to solve sticky, wicked problem through innovations that provide solutions that customers value. This program provides a guided, emergent approach to the design and redesign with customers of innovative products, services, processes, and systems. The simple hypothesis is that innovative ideas do not become innovations that provide real value without the enrichment step of customer discovery.

Course Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants will:

  1. Understand Innovation Enrichment Concepts.
  2. Know how to test the market fit of a proposed innovative product, service, system, or process.
  3. Understand and execute the elements of customer discovery, value propositions, and pivoting to design a minimally viable product (MVP) or prototype.


Target Audience

Requirements for Participation:

  1. Each team must attend as a team consisting of a Sponsor, Mentor, Problem Domain Expert, Solution Domain Expert, and Technology/Data Expert.
  2. Each team must be willing to commit to class time and be able to devote approximately 5 hours per week for Customer Discovery plus team meetings as needed.
  3. Each team must complete 5 or more customer discovery interviews each week.




Basic Course Structure:

  • Teams must view the assigned videos and readings before each class. Most of the videos are on the “VentureWell” and “Udacity” websites. Links are provided at the end of this document. Access to the “Udacity” videos will require you to register the free online course titled “How to Build a Startup”. ep245
  • A minimum of 5 interviews are to be conducted every week, per team, that will help you complete your weekly assignment.
  • Live weekly presentations by each team on their “lessons learned” from getting out of the building. Upload your PowerPoint presentation to your PDI Canvas course by 8:00 AM each Monday so the instructors may review it before the class meeting.
  • Each team must keep detailed notes for all interviews. Upload your interview notes to your your PDI Canvas course by 8:00 AM each Monday so the instructors may review them before the class meeting.



Suggested Materials



Instructor Name

Matthew Mullarkey

Instructor's Organization

University of South Florida