Transform Your Work Using the Model for Improvement

Our goal is to build quality improvement capability for front-line health professionals at Tampa General Hospital and the University of South Florida. Develop a quality improvement initiative with your team in our 7-session interactive program (15 hours total) that uses a combination of didactics, activities, and debriefing of work products.

Course Learning Objectives

Describe a QI problem and construct a project charter. Develop a theory of change for your QI project. Identify key stakeholders of the project team. Formulate a measurement plan and explore various ways to display your data. Apply QI tools to generate solutions. Design small tests of change.

Target Audience

Employees of Tampa General Hospital and the University of South Florida with an interest in Quality Improvement


Have at least one (1) year of service at TGH and or USF.

Suggested Materials

QI Workbook will be provided


Instructor Name

Karen Fugate, Maya Balakrishnan

Instructor's Organization

Tampa General Hospital; University of South Florida