Public Speaking

The course would focus on the fundamentals of public address by examining the communication process, assessing the functions within the parts of speech, discussing non-verbal communication in public address, and adapting communication apprehension strategies to reduce anxiety while presenting a speech. This engaged educational session will encourage audience participation with hands-on learning of multiple concepts with feedback. 


Course Learning Objectives

  • Appreciate the complexity of human communication.
  • Elaborate on communication apprehension and mitigating strategies.
  • Differentiate the distinct differences among the functions of the parts of speech.
  • Implement appropriate vocal and body aspects of delivery when presenting a speech.
  • Critique the organization and non-verbal components of a speech.

Target Audience

Individuals with little to moderate public speaking experience. Anyone looking to sharpen their public speaking skills. 



Suggested Materials



Instructor Name

Shane Puckett

Instructor's Organization

University of South Florida, Morsani College of Medicine