Mindfulness and Compassion for Others

This course introduces fresh perspectives on mindfulness, compassion, and goodwill towards others and builds upon learnings from the PDI course on Mindfulness and Self-Compassion. Participants will engage in meditative exercises for calming the mind and understanding the relationship between what we think and feel, on one hand, and what we say and do, on the other. In addition, participants will use analytical meditation exercises to stabilize a sense of appreciation and affection for others that can reliably motivate and support the altruistic intention to reduce suffering, whenever possible. Together, we will discuss and challenge our assumptions about the benefits and rewards of empathy and solicitude for those who suffer.

Course Learning Objectives

Course Learning Objectives

  • Define the concepts of mindfulness, solicitude, empathy, and compassion.
  • Build meditative skills for:
    • calming the mind
    • engendering gratitude and tenderness for others
    • questioning personal bias and analyzing obstacles to compassion.
  • Apply mindful and compassionate perspectives to strengthen our heartfelt wish for others to be relieved of suffering, whenever possible.

Target Audience

Applicable to everyone.


No prerequisites.

Suggested Materials

All materials will be provided by the instructor.

These may include:

  • web-based audio recordings
  • web-based readings
  • printed handouts
  • printed readings
  • art materials


Instructor Name

Marianne Parrish Florian, Ph.D.

Instructor's Organization

Department of Religious Studies, University of South Florida