Leading Remote Team Members

With the number of remote roles continuing to grow, leaders need to know how to support teams from a distance.  

This course outlines best practices on how to lead effectively in a virtual environment and provides guidance on how to create a solid foundation for a virtual team. Learn how to leverage tools to increase communication, balance work efforts and develop strategies to support your employees in achieving optimal performance. 

Course Learning Objectives

  • Identify essential skills for leading virtual teams  
  • Compare personality differences and their impact on remote worker satisfaction 
  • Analyze individual elements of building a strong virtual team foundation 
  • Use various techniques and tools to manage and assess remote effectiveness  

Target Audience

Leaders of remote/virtual team members



Suggested Materials


Available Dates

Quarter 1: Thursday: Feb: 10th- (2:30- 4:00)

Quarter 2: Tuesday: April:12th (2:30- 4:00)

Quarter 3: Thursday: July: 14th ( 2:30- 4:00)

Quarter 4: Tuesday: October: 11th ( 2:30- 4:00)



Instructor Name

Bruce Wertheimer / Jennifer Larson

Instructor's Organization

Tampa General Hospital, Inc.