Hiring For Fit

Most hiring managers base their hiring decisions solely on the candidate's skills and knowledge. In this 90-minute session, participants will learn the importance of also considering the candidate's "head" (beliefs), "heart" (values), and "hands" (experience) and how they align with the culture of the team, department, and organization. The goal is to reduce turnover and team member relations issues, increase team member engagement and satisfaction, and reduce stress on both the leader and team.

Course Learning Objectives

As a result of completing this course, participants will:

  • State the importance of aligning beliefs, values, and experience/skillset to the team culture
  • Identify strategies to improve hiring practices
  • Practice evaluating candidates using a sample job description and resumes

Target Audience

Leaders and team members who participate in the hiring process



Suggested Materials

Participant guide and additional eLearning suggestions will be provided

Available Dates

Directions: Select one of the available sessions listed below. The link will take you to the Canvas platform, where you may register for the course.

Please note that registration is currently limited to Tampa General Hospital team members.


Instructor Name

Janet Krawczyk

Instructor's Organization

Tampa General Hospital, Organizational Development