Cultivating a Climate of Trust

In this course, leaders will learn what it takes to create a safe, supportive work environment by cultivating relationships of mutual respect and trust among the team.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Identify characteristics and behaviors of a team with a high level of trust
  • Recognize and address behaviors that destroy trust on a team
  • Use the SCARF model to increase psychological safety within your team
  • Apply the ICF coaching competency of cultivating trust and safety to build trusting relationships with your team members
  • Implement ways to regain trust with team members if it’s lost


Target Audience

Managers and leaders



Suggested Materials

Reference materials and resources will be provided during class.

Available Dates

Directions: Select one of the available sessions listed below. The link will take you to the Canvas platform, where you may register for the course.

Please note that registration is currently limited to Tampa General Hospital team members.


Instructor Name

Roxanne Shoenfelt

Instructor's Organization

Tampa General Hospital