The Science of Convincing

Every day we try to convince people of something – patients, peers, projects, even our kids. The Science of Convincing is a two-part experiential workshop where you will learn how our biology and systems impact communication along with the insights, tools, and techniques you can use to reduce stress and strife while reaching an agreement. Rob Hammond, director of the Center for Marketing and Sales Innovation in the USF Muma College of Business, will be your guide on this foundational life skills journey.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Describe the process of communication and how situational factors impact effective communication.
  • Identify the role of individual filters and bias in developing memories and beliefs.
  • Explain the alignment between the buyer’s journey, decision making, and decision urgency.
  • Describe the relationship between fairness negotiated outcomes.
  • Apply the selected theoretical concepts to population decision-making (adoption). 

Target Audience

The "Science of Convincing" is applicable to everyone. Every day we attempt to convince people - children, spouses, patients, co-workers, bosses. This workshop will introduce practical conceptual schemes that seek to provide insights into how people make decisions. By understanding the process of how people make decisions we can align our approach to the communication process to optimize outcomes.



Suggested Materials

Course references will be supplied as supplemental materials.

Available Dates

Directions: Select one of the available sessions listed below. The link will take you to the Canvas platform, where you may register for the course.

Please note that registration is currently limited to Tampa General Hospital team members. 


Instructor Name

Rob Hammond

Instructor's Organization

Muma College of Business University of South Florida