Career Development


Building Your Professional Network

This 60-minute session will teach participants the importance of building a strong professional network to support career development, whether they are looking to develop their skill set or move to a new role within the organization. Participants will learn specific strategies for connecting with people both personally and online. This session will help participants who dislike networking overcome their reluctance and step outside of their comfort zones to build relationships with others. After the session, participants are invited to create a LinkedIn profile and connect with the facilitator and others in the class to begin building their network.

At the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Define networking and why it is important to professional success
  • List different networking methods
  • Discuss strategies to build better relationships with others and strengthen your professional image
  • Identify networking opportunities within and outside the organization
  • Build a LinkedIn profile to begin networking with other professionals
  • Focus your networking efforts to build relationships to support your career development