Introduction to Ethics of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is pervasive and has become part of our daily lives in the workplace and at home. There are some misperceptions about this technology and we will dispel some of these myths. This course helps participants to develop an understanding of AI terminology, history of AI, applications of AI in the healthcare industry, and potential ethical considerations for using this technology. We will be discussing critical ethical issues related to transparency, accountability, algorithmic bias, and governance practices for this technology. Moreover, we will review the classic "trolley problem" in the context of healthcare and discuss the important concept of moral tradeoffs.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Explain the key subfields of artificial intelligence and the significant historical milestones of this technology.
  • Identify ways that AI is being used in healthcare organizations and its impact on the organization's stakeholders.
  • Analyze relevant ethical implications for using this technology.
  • Explore the "trolley problem" for AI in healthcare along with potential moral tradeoffs.
  • Develop best practices for working collaboratively with this AI technology in your work and personal lives.

Target Audience

Anyone that has an interest in learning about AI technology and ethical guardrails for using it wisely.



Suggested Materials

Dr. Ruehle will share some relevant articles.

Here is an AI Industry Overview:

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Instructor Name

Dr. Chrissann Ruehle

Instructor's Organization

University of South Florida, Florida Gulf Coast University